When we were invited to created a visual identity video for the REYKJAVIK VISUAL MUSIC PUNTOy RAYA FESTIVAL 2014, we wanted to have a real match with the eclectic spirit of both organisations and their mutual devotion to abstract film and live cinema. 
RVM & PyR Festival is a challenging offer to go back to the basics and explore endless creatives possibilities of the dot and the line through various spheres of art, music, science and thought. 
This video it's fundamentally based in the idea of creating error and distortion over an abstract black and white clean dot and line motiongraphics work.
We created distortion thru creating a series digital glitches in the images, frame by frame, losing quality by filming the projection of the video on a wall and by printing the video frames and scanning them once again. 
Thus throughout this process the images lost quality over and over again, but at the same time through distortion we created colour and texture thereby reading the original geometrical abstraction to distortion abstraction. The idea explores the beauty of randomness and expressionist power. 
VILLA is a feast of pure dots & lines, colour, motion & sound. 
VILLA means error in Icelandic. 
Festival at HARPA, concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavik, Iceland. From january 30th to february 02nd 2014.
Program features among other: PyR 2014 Official Competition with around 100 dots-lines short films from 46 countries;  PyR Academy with workshops and masterclasses;  Premier Live Cinema Pieces with Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Hugi Gudmundsson,Sigurdur Gudjonsson, Bret Brattery;   Live cinema competitions,  Live sets with Ryoiji Ikeda, Ryoichi Kurokawa...
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Direction, art concept & design by
Guillermo Daldovo
Error & edition by
Bernard Arce
Sonia Figuera
"Tao Ki" by RSantos SupercineXcene
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