On December 17-30, 2022 as a part of #FestivalDeNadalBCN we presented 23,5˚,
as a part of SOLSTICI at Plaça Universitat, Barcelona.
5 artists have been invited to create their own audiovisual interpretation of the Solstice.
One of these 5 artists is Ber Arce who invited me to collaborate with him to make a series of animations based on his scans. The project was called 23.5˚ in reference to the tilt of the earth. We prepared 9 animations for giant screens located in the University Square in Barcelona.
That's how it looked the final setup of our collaboration, 23.5˚ was an immersive audiovisual experience featuring 9 stunning animations on giant screens.

Working with Ber Arce was an amazing opportunity to create something truly unique.
Special thanks to Mario Barcellandi for his incredible music and sound design that brought it all to life

Direction Ber Arce
Animation Malevo
Music / Sound design Mario Barcellandi
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